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In the Know with Laurie Jo

On this page I will be writing and posting things of interest to me and maybe to you and all things happening in the world of Laurie Jo.

3 thoughts on “In the Know with Laurie Jo

  1. Laurie Jo –
    I think you are so amazing and talented.
    This new website looks really great.
    You are the hardest working person I know
    and all your efforts show in this website.
    I love you sis!

  2. Awwww, thanks, Nan.

    The show in Morro Bay was great. Sunny with cool and warm ocean breezes. Those of you who were there know that it was the coolest place in the state of California over the weekend.
    Keep hydrated and cool.

  3. I met you in the Twain Harte Show past weekend and fell in love with you art and designs – purchase three shirts and a hat and received many compliments – ❤️

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